"Atelier" - the French term for "workshop."

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When used in English, it usually refers to a studio for the finer arts in life.

And that's exactly what we are, a Style Atelier! We are a grooming workshop and make up artist all at once in Singapore! Style Atelier personal belief as an MUA is that each person has his own unique beauty that can be brought out through our effort!

Whether you require a deft touch from one of our many talented artisans for your personal service or desire for a commercial makeup for use in events such as editorial work or TV programmes, Style Atelier has what it takes to draw out the best in you!

One of Style Atelier's focuses is of course, taking care of your wedding makeup artist needs! Do you need a bridal makeup artist? Then let us tackle your wedding make up to guarantee you look your best on this very special day.

We also have an eye for the advancement of beautification. To that purpose, we also conduct many related education and training plans such as makeup courses, makeup classes, etiquette workshops and more! There are of course, all done with teamwork between us and many other famous cosmetic and beauty sponsors all over the world. By going in these activities, our trainers will guarantee that you will learn the secrets behind the success in this industry! Learn the easiest way to tackle press launches and media events at a quick pace!

If you're looking for a makeup artist in Singapore, you've reached to the right place. Take a gander at our portfolio and find out why we're considered one of the premiere makeup artist in all of SG!

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