Cross Slicing Awareness and Expertise List

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PMI's Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct
Presentation tools
Prioritization/time management
Problem-solving tools & techniques
Project management software
Relationship management
Stakeholder impact analysis
Targeting communications to intended audiences
Team motivation methods

Cross-Cutting expertise and Expertise: Need for These Abilities

Each item described on the Cross-Cutting Understanding and Expertise checklist can be its own study and discipline. Many of these skills, techniques, and methods are use in normal day-to-day business activities. Most are not exclusive to management. PMI Registered Education Providers providing PMP PDU training will include these concepts.

However, understanding the spectrum of awareness and competencies it takes to be a successful project manager helps to define the complex role of a project manager. A manager has to possess many of these capabilities due to the political and human nature of managing projects in an organization.

Cross-Cutting know-how and Expertise: Interpersonal Skills

Management in its essence deals in managing the human resources of a project. Without proper motivation and leadership, a project may suffer delays and setbacks. That is why many of the techniques listed on the Cross-Cutting Awareness and Techniques checklist deal with the ability to interact with people.

The following are techniques from the list that relate to dealing with and managing people:

Active listening
Conflict resolution
Cultural sensitivity and diversity
Leadership tools and techniques
Relationship management
Team motivation methods

A project manager lacking interpersonal competencies may find it difficult to organize and lead a project. That is why seeking additional training in these areas is essential for the project manager.

Cross-Cutting expertise and Techniques: Analytical Capabilities

Management presents many complex situations. The project manager must possess analytical competencies that enable them to study performance reports, assess risk and manage the interest of all primary stakeholders. PMI Registered Education Providers providing PMP PDU training will include examples of these. On the Cross-Cutting Awareness and Expertise list, there are several areas that deal in analysis-both numeric and political.

The following are areas from the checklist that relate to analytical skills:

Data gathering techniques
Decision making techniques
Information management tools, techniques, and methods
Prioritization/time management
Problem solving tools and techniques
Project management software
Stakeholder analysis

Cross-Cutting understanding and Expertise: Analytical Competencies

Management presents both explicit and implicit data. The obvious data analysis work like cost and time performance metrics are capabilities the project manager must have in order to gauge the project performance. The implicit data like stakeholder interests and political issues are areas that, if not analyzed and managed correctly, could affect the project performance negatively.