Lack of Source Chain Management And Procurement Exposure Within Our Education System

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The areas of Source Chain Administration & Procurement are hidden gems within the marketplace for career opportunity; unfortunately our education system is not exposing students to these concepts and opportunities.

It is no secret that from the time a student enters the education system they are programmed to start thinking about their future career. The most common types of careers suggested to children and young adults are normally the conventional type careers- teacher, doctor, dentist, finance professional, etc. Even in today's day-and-age, with such a wide array of career opportunities, the education system has not seemed to evolve with the times.

It is not common to educate students on the career possibilities within Supply Chain Administration, Logistics, Procurement, Strategic Sourcing & Planning. Children in elementary school, high school and even throughout University have not been exposed to these potential career paths.

University is not specifically focused on studying to become a particular profession, rather a stepping stone and a foundation that you will later build on throughout your career. Although one's major does guide you in a particular direction, it does not limit one to that specific career path. Someone with a strong business acumen and drive could lead a promising and very successful career in ?folios Supply Chain. These areas are very essential and undiscovered areas of business. The reality is that strong talent is needed to join these areas to further expand their importance within the marketplace. One can find a successful and rewarding career in these specific areas of business - in positions like Certified Purchasing Professional and/or Provide Chain Administration Consulting.